Established in 2003 and opening its doors to the public in 2009, the Acropolis Museum is one of Europe’s most popular museums thanks to its design and of course the wealth of its exhibits. The museum has been awarded multiple times and is a modern place, bathed with natural sunlight and offering rich collections from the site of the Acropolis. 
Covering various different times of the past, the Acropolis Museum boasts findings from the slopes around the area. The excavations stretch from the Greek Bronze Age to later eras, while visitors also find collections from the Roman times and the Byzantine era. There are guided tours available, while each exhibit comes with its own detailed analysis in writing. For kids, there are often events and workshops and there are also seasonal exhibitions to be found. An exciting world unfolds, a world depicting the past in the most vivid manner possible. This is the magic of the Acropolis Museum!
The area of the museum also features a cafe & restaurant, where you may relax and enjoy an ice cold beverage in between your explorations. Shops include a lot of replicas and guides, books about the Acropolis and much more. 
Noble Suites is very close to the Acropolis Museum. Schedule your visit to the museum and enjoy its proximity from your personal sanctuary of calm and serenity in Athens! 

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